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Date Posted: 7/10/2018

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Job Description


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Equal Opportunity Employer.


Under direct supervision, maintain continuous state of alertness and awareness to control and secure the facility and residents. Operate within legal constraints and contract agency stipulations in order to maintain the security of the facility and safety of residents, staff and community. Supervise Monitor activities and assist in providing training to them. 


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor oversee shift personnel duties so the security of the facility is maintained.  Review all reports written during assigned shift to ensure accuracy and completeness and verify all scheduled passes and appointments.
  • Physically patrol building to observe and listen to individual residents and groups of residents and monitor the state of the building.  Examples of activities include smelling for marijuana; listening to conversations; ensuring doors and windows are properly secured. Perform random perimeter checks including exterior doors of the facility and monitor the alarm system.
  • Perform the following activities on both a scheduled and random basis: urinalysis testing, pat downs, shakedowns, counts, room searches, breath tests, etc., to maintain control and security of the residents and facility.
  • Document disciplinary action for rule violations according to procedure, to comply with contracting agency requirements, and log accordingly.
  • Supervise meals, visitor hours, and work details to observe for unusual or suspicious activities or behavior so that preventative measures are taken prior to potential problem occurrences.
  • Use judgment to determine inappropriate or abnormal conditions or behavior. Take action to verify or correct abnormal or unusual situations, or request assistance and input from a peer or supervisor of the situation escalates beyond your capabilities.
  • Conduct scheduled and impromptu inspections of resident living and common areas for cleanliness and proper maintenance in order to meet health and safety requirements. Forward maintenance reports to the Shift Supervisor.
  • May perform all duties of Monitor I and/or Monitor II.
  • Provide leadership to Monitors through the assignment of work, monitoring of progress and review of results.


Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Must posess a VALID DRIVER LICENSE. 
  • Two (2) years related experience (i.e.: security, criminal justice, military, corrections, community based services); supervisory experience preferred.
  • Familiar with community corrections system and current community corrections practices.
  • Sufficient organizational skills to keep the workflow on-going in an orderly manner.
  • Express thoughts logically, in both written and verbal form using correct grammar.
  • Demonstrate flexibility in order to perform a wide range of duties.


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