Date Posted: 1/13/2020

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    Trenton, NJ
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Equal Opportunity Employer.


  • This position oversees all resident financial issues and manages the collection and accounting of resident financial issues and manages the collection and accounting of resident finances. Assists the Deputy Director with residential and non-residential monthly billings and fee collections for all departments. The activities of this position must facilitate each resident's transition to independent community living, in accordance with applicable laws, supervising authority standards, and Agency Policy. Specific standards and policy and procedures from the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), Department of Corrections (DOC) and Agency treatment culture model must be followed and supported by this position. Works with the Resident Managers, Case Managers and other staff to observe client behavior while they are engaged in the everyday activities in the Agency. Information is communicated to the Resident Managers and Case Managers specific to resident movement, and needs. Communication includes written communication, verbal reports and official documents. Ensures that all agency information that is colleted is done so in a timely an accurate manner. Develops systems for the collection and reporting of statistical information on a monthly basis.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures that contractual obligations are met through his/her daily activities.
  • Ensures that the elements in the treatment culture model are implemented and followed.
  • Evaluates the monetary collection and accounting controls and processes. Modifies those controls and processes to maximize effectiveness.
  • Assists the Director in developing policies concerning resident financial matters, when necessary.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the Monthly Report and distributes this report by the third day of the following month.
  • Prepares and distributes the monthly billings and reports for each referring assigned facility.
  • Prepares and distributes various informational reports and rosters, when necessary.
  • Prepares financial and statistical reports regarding resident finances.
  • Communicates with Case Managers and Resident Managers regarding resident financial issues.
  • Assists Case Managers with instructions to residents concerning budgeting and other money management skills.
  • Prepares and oversees bank deposits.
  • Prepares incident reports, merit and demerits of resident rule violations according to policy and provides the information to the designated staff.
  • Participates in Clinical Intervention Committee activities.
  • Maintains accurate and current financial records for each resident on resident's ledger sheet.
  • Collects and records any funds delivered to staff during off-hours.
  • Manages collection and maintains separate records for subsistence debts and other debts owed to the Agency by each resident or client. Provides Case Managers with resident requests for funds, receipts, ledgers, and other financial records.
  • Manages collections and maintains separate records for treatment fees owed by each client. Provides the Director with financial records concerning client treatment payments or debts owed.
  • Manages collections and maintains records for non-residential fees owed by each client. Provides the Non-Residential Case Managers and Day Reporting ISPI Case Manager with financial records concerning client payments or debts owed. Monitors the collection of Non-Residential and Day Reporting Service fees.
  • Maintains an accurate and current record of each resident's weekly employment hours from records provided by the resident or the resident's employer, compares this information with the resident's sign in/out records and paycheck stubs, investigates any discrepancies between these records, and reports any discrepancies and investigation information to the resident's Case Manager and the Employment Specialist.
  • Prepares a check payable to the appropriate payee after a resident's withdrawal request is approved, and after determining the withdrawal will assure that it will not render the resident unable to make a payment mandated by the court, the supervising authority, or the Agency.
  • Keeps employee information updated in HRIS.
  • Provides each Case Manager with information concerning the financial obligations for each resident assigned to the Case Manager, as necessary for resident budgeting, the Agency's Monthly Report, or for any other purpose specified by the Director or designee.
  • Prepares a list of resident's names whose accounts are delinquent and provides this list to the Director or designee, at least once each month.
  • Reviews and approves or disapproves each resident account withdrawal request that varies from a resident's established budget.
  • Conducts residential financial intakes and one on one sessions with residents concerning their financial accounts.
  • Participates in training sessions and workshops, and attends conferences and seminars, as instructed by the Director.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of an Associate’s Degree in the field of business, and two years’ experience in the accounting related field is preferred. Training in accounting, finance, or bookkeeping and a
  • demonstrated ability to manage complex tasks. Background in accounting or in handling funds deposited.
  • Must maintain professional working relationships with Agency staff, residents and associated agencies, as well as help maintain accurate information on behalf of the agency.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license for the state of residence.