Our Vision

GEO aspires to be the world's leading provider of diversified correctional, detention, and community reentry services.

Our Mission

GEO’s mission is to develop innovative public-private partnerships with government agencies around the globe that deliver high quality, cost-efficient correctional, detention, and community reentry, and electronic monitoring services while providing industry leading rehabilitation and community reintegration programs to the men and women entrusted to GEO’s care.

Our Values

Imparting a Safe and
Secure Environment

We are committed to establishing and maintaining a workplace that is safe, secure and humane, not only for our trained and experienced professionals, but for the men and women entrusted to us.

Maintaining Quality

We are committed to maintaining facilities that are state-of-the-art and adhere to industry-leading standards.

Protecting Human Dignity
and Rights

We believe that every human being should be treated with dignity and that his or her basic human rights should be protected and preserved at all times.

Delivering Quality
Health Care

We have pledged to provide quality health care to all of our offenders in all of our facilities worldwide.

Providing Access to Quality
Rehabilitative Programs

We are committed to providing industry-leading rehabilitation and community reentry programs to the men and women entrusted to our care.

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The GEO Group Overview

Conduct & Ethics

The GEO Group and its worldwide subsidiaries adhere to the highest ethical and compliance standards. As a worldwide corporation, The GEO Group represents government clients around the globe and cares for offenders, detainees, and residents in safe and secure facilities across four continents. Throughout its diversified organization, The GEO Group has implemented policies and procedures that reflect high ethical standards. The GEO Group's corporate code of ethics delineates the overarching principles that guide the organization in its day to day operations and interactions with key constituency groups.

Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation on which GEO's ethical standards are built. Our Code of Conduct strives to promote the following objectives:

  • Honest and ethical conduct;
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest;
  • Full, fair, accurate, timely and transparent disclosure;
  • Compliance with applicable government and self-regulatory; organization laws, rules, and regulations;
  • Prompt internal reporting of Code violations; and
  • Accountability for compliance with the Code

GEO is frequently the subject of a variety of alleged accusations and contention in the media. This is mostly due to the lack of knowledge about the corrections industry, privatization, and our company as a whole. Here, you will find factual information about our industry and who we are as a corporate citizen.

Correctional Privatization

New private prisons cost 15%-25% less to design and construct than their public counterparts.1

Utilizing the design-build method, private prisons have the ability to be constructed in 12-24 months; as opposed to the government’s 36-40.

Private prison facilities operate at 10%-15% lower cost than government facilities; ultimately saving taxpayers millions of dollars.2

An independent report published in 2002 substantiated that private prisons operate as good as or better than comparable publicly – managed facilities.3

44% of private correctional facilities are accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA), an independent organization outlining the standards of quality of operations, management and maintenance of a facility.2

Only 10% of government correctional facilities are accredited by the ACA.2

Private correctional officers are trained and permitted to use force, during instances of justifiable self-defense, self-harm, defense of another, or to prevent the escape of a felon.

Private correctional officers are required, under contract, to receive the same professional training as their government employee counterparts.

Under contract, private prisons frequently undergo monthly, bi-annual, and annual compliance assessments through the use of self-auditing, client monitoring, and ACA compliance reviews.

Over 125,000 inmates are held in private prisons.4

Approximately 30 states house inmates in private facilities.4

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  3. Segal, Geoffrey and Moore, Adrian, Weighing the Watchmen: Evaluating the Costs and benefits of Outsourcing Correctional Services, Reason Public Policy Institute, January 2002.
  4. Sabol, William; Minton, Todd; and Harrison, Paige. Prison and jail inmates at Midyear 2008 – Statistical Stables, US Department of Justice, March 2009.

The GEO Group

A co-founder of privatized correctional and detention services in 1984.

Received first contract award in 1987 operating a 150-bed facility for the INS, now known as US Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

Awarded the first large-scale federal prison management contract in 1997 for the BOP; the 2,048-bed Taft Correctional Institution in Taft, California.

Awarded the first private corrections contract in New South Wales for the design, construction , and operation of the Junee Correctional Centre.

Awarded the first private corrections contract in Scotland for the design, construction, and management of the Lowdham Grange Prison.

Only private corrections service company with expertise in residential treatment services; GEO Care, Inc.

Only private corrections service company with in-house facility design team; GEO Design, Inc.

Awarded the first privatized comprehensive state psychiatric hospital in the US.

Awarded the first private corrections contract in New Zealand for the operation of the Auckland Central Remand Prison.

Awarded the first corrections contract in South Africa for the Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre.

Manages over 104 correctional, detention and community reentry facilities across the U.S., Australia, South Africa, and UK.

Over 30,000 inmates enrolled in programs.

Over 10,000 GED’s earned.

Operates the largest privately managed detention/correctional facility (Reeves County Detention Complex) in the world.

Maintain a senior management team with a combined total service of 98 years of dedication to GEO.

Leadership & Professionalism

Leadership and professionalism are integral part of our company culture. We employ this methodology within our company values and foster it through our business structure and employee development.

GEO utilizes a unique localized organizational structure. This structure employs a bottom up, top down management approach where decisions can be made within the most appropriate area of expertise; whether it be from the corporate, regional, or field level.

Employee development is essential to ensure proper leadership and professionalism. Thorough training promotes employee confidence which in turn creates a proactive and positive work environment.

Training at GEO

When you report to work for GEO, you can expect to receive industry leading training. At GEO, we want you to be comfortable and secure in your new position. To accomplish this, we have placed the highest priority on seeing to it that each employee is carefully trained in all aspects of their position.

The GEO Group works in partnership with all our clients to employ best practices in information delivery. As a result of our world-wide client base, GEO personnel are able to implement training program best practices gained from around the world.

GEO utilizes a Corporate Director of Training Development to evaluate the quality of training content and delivery and to update training topics and curricula annually to ensure they reflect both the best practices in the field as well as the salient industry issues. Additionally, GEO employs Training Directors within each of our Regional offices who are constantly interacting with facility personnel as well as researching and communicating best practices from around the United States. GEO training programs are designed to exceed the minimum training requirements set forth by the American Correctional Association (ACA), our clients and GEO policies.

Training throughout our facilities is conducted by qualified instructors with direct industry experience. It's not uncommon for Facility Administrators to conduct training on various topics because he or she understands that a well trained force is the key to GEO's success.

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